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The Cherry Pit began in 1995 with two small tables at the Canmore Farmer's Market. Founder and Owner Sharla Dube filled those tables with fresh BC fruits direct from the growers as a respite from her hectic day job. Today, Sharla's fresh fruits and vegetables fill more than 2,400 square feet of space at the Calgary Farmer's Market and will be opening a second location at the Calgary Farmers’ Market West location in 2022.


Sharla has grown the business by supporting more than 20 plus farmers in Alberta and BC. Supporting growers such as Kingslake Colony, Bergen Farms, Jessie Brar, Lyalta Gardens, and RGR just to name a few. She is passionate about her business and is constantly evolving with new ideas to compliment the produce. The birth of the Vegetable Butcher Service and Better juice bar were established by this evolution.

Sharla loves bringing in hard-to-find items like fiddleheads, fresh figs and micro greens. As a mom she insists on the best food for her family and knows the importance of healthy living. As a business owner she wants her customers to know that they too, deserve to Eat Better and Live Better.


Born in the hustle of the Calgary Farmers’ Market, Better is a bold brand that is all our own. We've been making cold press juice for many years and people love our products because they love our produce. When we need apples, we walk ten feet to our fresh market stand and grab some. That’s a supply chain you can taste.
Our juice is Better.

We use a Goodnature X1 Cold-Press – the world’s best juicing technology hands down, designed and built by a 30 year old family company in Buffalo, New York. Our premium machine extracts an incredible tasting product, as crisp as the carrots we put into it. Our produce comes from local growers and carefully selected sunny imports. If it’s not fresh enough to impress in a salad, it doesn’t make it into our juice.

Our salads are Better.

Because our farm-fresh produce supply changes weekly, so does our salad menu. Check back as the season changes for feature salads that’ll make your heart sing.

Make your days Better.

Build a Better you. Invest in a one to three day combination and re-calibrate your body with the best nature has to offer. Need some advice? Stop by and talk to our Better staff. No one knows our juices like they do. 



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